Reviews of bucket-list-worthy things to do all over the world

Jen's Animal Adventure Bucket List

I grew up in a home full of animals. In addition to my human parents and brother, my family included a dog, cats, a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit, and fish. When I grew older, I had the privilege of working with tigers, lions, leopards, grizzly bears, monkeys, elephants, sea lions, dolphins, and killer whales, but I still have more adventures on my Animal Adventure Bucket List.

I’ve personally had all of the experiences listed below except those indicated by a *. Note that not all of the experiences that I’ve had or wish to have are readily available to the general public. Scroll down to browse all animal adventure reviews.

Jen (California, USA)

P.S. My novel WILD ANIMAL SCHOOL was inspired by my animal adventures. You can find it at!


Interact with a…

Tiger (Mexico)
Leopard (Mexico)
Grizzly bear
Monkey (Japan) (Japan)
Sea lion (Florida, USA)
Dolphin (Florida, USA)
Killer whale
Shark (New York, USA)
Beluga Whale (Florida, USA) (Canada)
Walrus (Florida, USA)
Manatee (Florida, USA)
Stingray (Caribbean)
Deer (Japan)
*Baby chimpanzee

See animals in the wild…

*Grizzly bear
Monkey (Japan) (Costa Rica)
Sea lion
Seal (California, USA) (California, USA)
Whale (Mexico)
Stingray (Caribbean)
Alligator (Florida, USA)

Volunteer to help animals

Mush a dog sled (Alaska, USA)

Take a horseback ride on a beach and into the ocean (Caribbean)


Reviews of bucket-list-worthy animal encounters
all over the world

"meet and feed wild monkeys"


"play with tiger cubs"


"cage dive with sharks"

(New York, USA)

"be a SeaWorld marine mammal keeper for a day"
(interact with dolphins, beluga whales, manatees, and sea lions)

(Florida, USA)

"see monkeys in the wild"

(Costa Rica)

"mush a dog sled"

(Alaska, USA)

"meet a beluga whale"


"cuddle a stingray"


"ride horseback on a beach"


"go whale watching"


"raise a guide dog puppy"

"meet and feed a bowing deer"


"see alligators in the Everglades"

(Florida, USA)

"rehabilitate wild animals"

"visit a zoo where hand-feeding the monkeys, lemurs, and giraffes is encouraged"

(Utsunomiya, Japan)